Sunday, July 30, 2006
Journalism and tourism
The hiatus is over, and it's time to get back to blogging, among other things.

My family went to New York and Montreal for our summer vacation. One of the highlights of the trip was a visit inside The New York Times.

The bulk of this tour, of course, was walking around large rooms full of desks and computers, but it was fascinating to see the nerve center of one of the world's most important newspapers. We visited the boardroom, which is lined with autographed photographs of the famous people who have visited through the decades. We strolled the halls decorated with the seemingly countless Pulitzers the paper has won. And we saw some familiar names on the schedules for the Metro copy desk.

Even my 6-year-old son was impressed. Thanks to Arlene Schneider and Don Hecker at the Times for making this such a memorable part of our trip.
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  • At 3:25 PM, Blogger gregflynn

    Welcome back Andy. Did you find any news that was NOT fit to print, lying around at the NYT?


  • At 8:32 PM, Blogger Andy Bechtel

    I didn't see any news that wasn't fit to print, but I did see the desk that serves as the bridge between the print and online operations.

    Several writer/editors work with reporters on updates of their stories for the Web site and on early Web versions that are later rewritten for the next day's print editions.