Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Capital offenses
AP style doesn't favor capitalization. When in doubt, lowercase a word, no matter how "important" it may seem.

Sometimes, of course, we should capitalize words — sometimes within a word. Proper names are among words we must capitalize. That seems obvious, but sometimes we go low when we shouldn't. Here are two examples where we needed to go uppercase:

The Microsoft product is PowerPoint. Sure, making the second "p" uppercase is a marketing gimmick, but that's what Bill Gates' minions decided to call it. If we are going to use it in big type, let's get it right.

This paragraph from an AP story isn't the first time* a political figure has referred to the planet-destroying weapon from "Star Wars." But that weapon has a proper name: the Death Star. "Jedi" should also be uppercase, but I will stop there at the expense of exposing my "Star Wars" geekiness.

* During the 2000 campaign, John McCain compared himself to Luke Skywalker fighting his way out of the Death Star.
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