Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Actual Carlos Santana may not match photo
This cutline describes the person in the center of this photo as Carlos Santana, the star of "Delta Farce" and (presumably) the guitarist known for "Black Magic Woman" and "Smooth."

Looking at this in my Sunday paper, I wondered why the image of Santana in my mind did not match the image on the page. Had his appearance changed that much, and had he started taking roles in dumb-guy comedies? Something didn't seem right.

Alas, this correction sets the record straight: The character's name is Carlos Santana. The
actor is Danny Trejo.

UPDATE: A similar problem strikes Yahoo: That's Lindsay Lohan in that photo, not Paris Hilton. If we insist on focusing on celebrity news, let's make sure we identify the characters correctly.
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