Friday, July 06, 2007
A saved scroll and a lost role
Look across the media spectrum, and you will see, read and hear news about editing. Here are two recent examples from wildly different news organizations:

  • NPR offers some historical context on Jack Kerouac and the mythology surrounding "On the Road." Contrary to popular belief, the book manuscript underwent significant revision and editing. That doesn't detract from the importance of Kerouac's scroll (now on tour) on which he banged out a draft of the book.
  • TMZ chides Britney Spears for an editing error on her Web site. The fallen pop star (or one of her minions, more likely) confused "roll" and "role" in discussing a possible part in a movie. (She didn't get it.) TMZ thankfully avoids the "oops, she did it again" angle on the headline. "That's how she rolls" could have worked, though.
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