Thursday, February 21, 2008
Lawsuit by blog
The latest legal move in the Duke lacrosse case is being blogged — by what appears to be the lawyers and 38 players involved in that move. They're suing Duke University and the city of Durham, and they will apparently blog about their case as it goes forward.

The blog is called "Duke Lawsuit. Accountability. Responsibility. Change." It has two posts so far from "Bob" and includes .pdf files of a press release and summary of the lawsuit. Other elements include links to blogs and books friendly to their argument. It's on a Blogger template that FEV and others will find familiar.

The Duke Lawsuit blog is an interesting way to get out information: controlled and anonymous. It's also a one-way avenue of communication as no commenting is allowed, although the news media are encouraged to contact the blogger(s) through a Gmail address.

UPDATE: The News & Observer sheds some light on this public relations strategy. "Bob" appears to be Bob Bork, son of legal scholar Robert Bork.
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