Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Fashion news
CNN is testing the idea of selling T-shirts with wacky headlines from its Web site. Check out the selection here.

Comments such as these show that not everyone is enthusiastic about the idea, and it seems odd to see a "serious" news site try to make money from the news of the weird and (occasionally) gruesome.

The Onion has been doing this sort of thing for some time, and it has extended the concept to the "make your own headline" magnet kit. Such merchandise is a natural for that site, but not so much for CNN.

UPDATE: A colleague chimes in: "No longer can headline writers really know how their words will break in different formats. For example, a line that fits on an XXL will not fit on an M."
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  • At 8:07 PM, Blogger Ninja Of The Mundane

    Absolute weaksauce.

    There is only one Onion. And thou shalt have no other gods before Onion.

    Jim Thomsen