Friday, October 17, 2008
Final post here: I've officially moved
This will be my final post at this blog. I'm officially moved in at my new one. Here's the FAQ on this move:

Q. Why the move?

A. I thought it was time for a new look, and WordPress had some template options that Blogger doesn't. Plus, my custom Blogger template wouldn't allow for some of the new features in blogging.

Q. What's the new template?

A. It's called The Journalist. I think it's easier to read than this one, especially with body text. I hope you will let me know what you think of it and how I can improve it.

Q. What happens to all of the old posts and comments?

A. They are all there at the new address. Nothing was lost; even the images made the transition. It was remarkably easy to import them.

Q. Will you delete your blog here?

A. No, not for now. At some point I may delete it, but not for a while.

Q. Will the focus of the blog change as part of the move?

A. No, it has the same name, and it will still be about editing. I made, however, some subtle changes to the description to reflect journalism's move to online media.

Q. I linked to your blog from mine. Do I have to do anything?

A. I'd appreciate it if you would update links, bookmarks, etc. Here's the new address:

Thanks to all who read, comment and link here. I appreciate how this blog's audience has grown since it began in June 2006. I hope you will join the conversation at the new address. See you there.
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