Monday, October 09, 2006
A test of news judgment
The Newseum's collection of front pages is always worth a look, especially when a big news event happens such as a nuclear test in North Korea. Many of the front-page treatments were similar, with most of the big dailies in North Carolina and elsewhere making that story the lead, some with all-caps headlines.

The New York tabloids, of course, exist in their own universe. So the Daily News front page on the demise of the 2006 Yankees is not a surprise. The "Kook With Nuke" headline in the promo to the North Korea story is also expected.

What is a surprise is the Tampa Tribune's "story free" front page: an alternative story form on the Bucs game and nearly 10 promos to stories inside — none to the North Korea story. Sure, football is king in Florida, and there had been rumblings for days that a nuclear test was imminent. It wasn't a total shocker. But this was still breaking news and an important story regardless of whether it was foreshadowed.

The days of the "dull but important" lead may be behind us, but is this going too far?
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