Sunday, November 05, 2006
No news is boring news
When you see a no-news headline like this one, you have to wonder why the story is on the front page. Other no-news headlines include words such as "still mum," "continues," "goes on" and the dreaded "mull."

Indeed, this second-day story on an extramarital affair by the local sheriff was at the top right of 1A in The News & Observer on Saturday. It offers anecdotal evidence (including an interview with an out-of-state visitor) that the indiscretion will not affect his re-election chances. In other words, the status quo is intact. Ho-hum.

Meanwhile, back on the City & State front, you would find these interesting first-day stories:

Two candidates paid taxes late

Anti-bonds gifts hard to trace

As copy editors, we can at least attempt to argue weak stories off the front page. When we find ourselves boxed into writing a headline like the one on the sheriff story, we know something is wrong. It's our responsibility to say so.
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