Thursday, October 26, 2006
College papers collected
College Front Page is a site that is similar to the Newseum's collection of daily newspapers. The collegiate version is not updated as often, but it still shows a range of talent, skill and approaches to design and headline writing. And you can see and download not only front pages, but also sports and features.

It's also fun to read through the list of participating newspapers, many of which have unusual names. Here are some I like:
  • The Arbiter (Boise State)
  • The Daily Barometer (Oregon State)
  • The Flat Hat (William & Mary)
  • The Daily Targum (Rutgers)
  • The Vanderbilt Hustler
  • The Gargoyle (Flagler)
  • Purdue Exponent
  • The Justice (Brandeis)
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  • At 1:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    My college paper (at the University of North Florida) is Spinnaker. That's right, there is no article preceding the name. It's just Spinnaker. When I made fun of it, I'd call it the Spinmaker.

    ~Beth (wordnerdy)