Tuesday, May 29, 2007
HuffPo and hyphens
The Huffington Post has launched a redesign, and the site's look and organization have improved. It's also forged a partnership with Talking Points Memo, the liberal blog that made the firings of the U.S. attorneys a big story.

HuffPo still has problems with other things, however. Some are big — the site's dangerous use of file photos, for example. Others (as seen in theses examples) are little, and little things don't get much smaller than the hyphen.

That piece of punctuation can get a good argument going. Stack some words up to modify a noun, and you may need a hyphen. That's where the debate can begin, but most agree that a hyphen is not needed between an adverb and an adjective. Consider the "-ly" as the glue sticking these words into one idea. Adding a hyphen would be redundant to that task.

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UPDATE: A Chicago Tribune critic reviews the new Huffington Post, comparing it favorably with Google News.
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