Sunday, May 04, 2008
Going to California
Readers of this blog with long memories may recall this post, in which I offered my services as a 40-year-old intern for the summer of 2008. I'm happy to report that The Los Angeles Times has taken me up on the offer.

I will work on the paper's Web site from mid-May to early July, editing and writing. My plan is to refresh my skills and pick up some new ones. I hope that my six weeks in the newsroom this summer will improve my work in the classroom this fall (and beyond) as I continue to beef up the online element of my courses.

Thanks to Deirdre Edgar and Eric Ulken at the Times for encouraging me to pursue this opportunity and to Daniel Gaines and Henry Fuhrmann for making it happen.

UPDATE: Here is a look at the state of the Times and its outlook, including its Web site.
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