Tuesday, June 24, 2008
More on McClatchy and the N&O
Analysis and reaction is still coming in a week after the news that The News & Observer is trimming its newsroom staff as part of a larger McClatchy cutback. The merger of some coverage between the N&O and Charlotte Observer is drawing some especially interesting commentary.

Here's a sampling of what they are saying:


McClatchy executive Howard Weaver outlines the future: "We have to tailor this 151-year old company differently to operate profitably and respond efficiently in the new arena."


John Drescher, executive editor, sees hope in growing readership, combining print and online: "We've worked for several years to meet your needs in print and online. Our readership data show our reach is greater than ever."

Ted Vaden, public editor, strikes a somber tone: "It is a sad time for the newspaper and for the people here who will see long-time colleagues leave."


Doug Fisher, journalism instructor at the University of South Carolina, offers insight into what the Charlotte-Raleigh collaboration means for coverage of state government: "The digital age seems to be giving us a barbell shape for news — the big national stuff on one end, the hyperlocal stuff on the other, and in-between? But in between is where the state capitals lie."

John Zhu, a former staffer at The Herald-Sun in Durham, criticizes the N&O's outsourcing of leadership in the sports department to Charlotte: "The two papers are about 2.5 hours apart, but the focuses of their coverage are much farther apart."


Fans sound off in comments on a blog from a Raleigh sports-talk station: "Pretty soon they’ll merge with all the papers for one USA Today type of paper called NC Today."

UPDATE: Vaden offers more reader reaction (as well as a correction regarding the number of copy editors let go) at the end of this column.
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